Admission Policy

Admission to DHAI Education System

is determined by a number of factors. Applicants are admitted based on the student’s ability to succeed socially and academically in our dynamic learning environment as well as demonstrating a good work ethic, and a history of school-appropriate behaviour. To be successful at DHAI Education System, students must be willing to work hard and be committed to our programme. Teachers provide the support necessary for students to become confident, independent learners. Additionally, we expect parents to support and be involved in their children’s education. It is the student, however, who is responsible for putting forth the effort to meet the school’s academic expectations.

Admissions Criteria

All students seeking admission into DHAI Education System are subject to the enrolment criteria set out below and students enter the school at their appropriate year level. The school cutoff date is 1st September. It is not the policy of the school to place students in year levels above or below their chronological age. Any exceptions are made by the Head of School.