Principals Message

  Principal Message

Dear Members of the DHAI Education System Family, Well Wishers, and Visitors, Greetings!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to The DHAI Education System (DES). My name is Samra Ambreen, and I am honored to introduce myself as the new principal of DES. I hold a Masters Degree in Physics, a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary and Montessori Education. Currently, I am pursuing an MPhil degree in Physics. With 23 years of experience in the education sector, both nationally and internationally, I am excited to lead DES.

At DES, we prioritize the holistic development of our students, focusing on their intellectual, social, and personal growth. As a Cambridge-associated school, we offer the IGCSE and AS/A Level curriculum in our senior section. We are dedicated to supporting internationally-relocated families in transitioning smoothly to our school system or advancing to universities worldwide. Being a not-for-profit school, any financial surpluses are reinvested in the education of our present and future students. Our aim is to create a dynamic and constantly evolving learning institution that strives for excellence.

DES is committed to nurturing well-rounded students who possess academic knowledge, social skills, intellectual curiosity, and physical endurance. We value self-discovery and have a diverse group of students and teachers with a global perspective. Our school promotes tolerance, mutual respect, and international-mindedness. We believe in fostering open thinking and preparing our students for life anywhere in the world, without imposing authoritarian discipline.

We encourage high standards of achievement and provide a supportive environment for students to thrive. The “Pakistani soul” of our school extends beyond festivals and food; it permeates everything we do. As parents and teachers, we are dedicated to channeling the talents and energy of our students into creative community building. I invite all staff members, parents, and well-wishers to join hands as we continue to elevate DES to new heights. I am eager to meet each of you personally.

Yours at Education,
Mrs. Samra Ambreen
DHAI Education System