Admissions Procedure

Step 1: Entry Test
In this desired future,

Early Years

  • An interview with the Section Head
  • Oral and written assessment
  • Student and Parents interview with the Principal

Grade I to VIII

  • Subject to interview with Section Head and Principal
  • Written Test for English, Urdu, Maths, Science

Grade IX and above

  • Reading Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Vocabulary Skills in Context
  • Writing Skills
  • Creative Thinking

Written test for selected and compulsory subjects
A level

  • Submission of the previous results

Step 2: Interview
In order for students to fully participate

in the school’s instructional program, students are required to have English language proficiency. Students may be admitted without such proficiency provided they satisfy all other placed regulations and would then be enrolled in the ESL (English as A Second Language) program. Once the child is assessed then he/she has to appear for an interview with the principal along with parents.