Our Vision and Mission

To provide education that strives to develop the mind,

body and spirit of every student to develop into prospective professionals to take leadership roles in every field of our national endeavor.

Empower students to acquire knowledge,

skills and insight necessary to live productive and rewarding lives. Enable them to become progressive learners, able to compete internationally, take-up leadership roles, become responsible citizens, equipped with the necessary skills to navigate their chosen path successfully and contribute positively in various aspects of our nation’s growth and development.

Belief System
Education is the shared responsibility of the school,

students, family, community and government and it works best in a mutually respecting environment.
School environment meets the emotional, academic, social and physical needs of each student along with simulating desire to explore and participate in activities in and beyond the classroom.
Preparation for career decisions and higher education is essential to the future success of the student.
Collaborative learning environment fosters a sense of belonging, cultivating creative thinking and problem solving.
School sets high expectations and provides meaningful and challenging instructions, allowing each student to achieve their highest potential.
The school community respects, protects and celebrates diversity, talent and potential to learn of each student